MICE China Forum & Awards Ceremony 闪耀澳门,成就典范

首届MICE China Forum & Awards Ceremony于2018年5月初在澳门美狮美高梅圆满举行,20余位重量级的中国会议策划者以及近40位酒店及目的地推广机构代表汇聚一堂,内容精彩纷呈,包括欢迎酒会、晚宴及论坛和颁奖典礼。

MICE China Forum & Awards Ceremony既有中国会议行业大咖的关于中国会奖市场的干货分享,更见证了MICE China各个奖项获奖者的诞生,包括Best New, Best 100, Best Marketing和Most Anticipated。活动上还揭晓了由中国会议专业评审委员会评选出的代表中国MICE行业最高水平的服务质量奖项,MICE China Buyer’s Choice Best Service Awards-酒店集团以及单体酒店/场馆,以推动中国会奖行业对更高水平服务的不懈追求。

MICE China Forum & Awards Ceremony凭借奢华瞩目的选址、高水准的内容、重量级的嘉宾、国际范的形式,成为中国会议业界的独一无二的品牌活动。

The inaugural MICE China Forum & Awarding Ceremony has been successfully held this May in MGM Cotai Macau, joined by over 20 influential China MICE planners and nearly 40 veteran hoteliers and DMO representatives, featuring a well-designed engagement program which includes Welcome Reception, Gala Dinner, Forum and Awarding Ceremony.

MICE China Forum & Awarding Ceremony highlights insightful speeches on China MICE market by key meeting planners, celebrating the final winners of MICE China Best New, Best 100, Best Marketing and Most Anticipated Awards. The winners for the most exciting MICE China Buyer’s Choice Best Service Awards-Hotel group and Individual Hotel/Venue are also revealed, which represent the highest-level of service quality in China MICE industry, and the awards are voted by a professional review committee, promoting the relentless efforts in pursuing higher quality service.

MICE China Forum & Awarding Ceremony is widely recognized as the unparalleled brand event in China MICE industry, on the strength of the ultimate luxury location, high quality informative content, influential MICE market leaders as VIP guests and international style arrangement.